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Volunteer Organizer Pro for Windows. Volunteer management software gives you an easy way to manage and track
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5 October 2012

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Volunteer services are much in demand nowadays with the rising count of voluntary organizations and units intended to help the less fortunate and underprivileged. This kind of help is always welcome for the poor communities lacking any financial or social resources. Different kinds of volunteering service is required these days in manifold sectors depending upon the need; sometimes volunteers are trained and sometimes they can offer their assistance online as well through the use of internet. Managing a large network of volunteers is a challenging task for an organization particularly on an international level with large number of people enrolling for such services and jobs. An application like Volunteer Organizer Pro can help in managing these services and volunteers appositely monitoring all elements.

Volunteer Organizer Pro 2.3 opens with a systematically arranged interface with the main options placed at the top panel and enough space to manage all worker databases with complete details. The clear background facilitates easy navigation and routing and putting in details. It assists in organizing, tracking and managing the volunteer workers and jobs along with their contact logs, placement records and much more. The program includes easy to use databases that includes Job placements, contact logs etc. and manages volunteer records and corresponding jobs. The program can assign jobs to specific volunteers, print their contact details, send bulk messages and even print lists. The flexible tools of this program also includes importing data from external mediums like Excel, text and any other file and sort the data by any order. This powerful utility is a must for people running volunteer organizations of any size.

To conclude, Volunteer Organizer Pro definitely comes across a superior device in managing volunteer services and worker database and gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance and utility value.

Publisher's description

Volunteer Organizer Pro, software for Windows. Simple database management software that helps you to organize, track, and manage your volunteer workers, volunteer jobs and services, contact logs, volunteer placement records, and more. Includes 4 easy-to-use databases: Volunteers, Jobs/Services, Placement, Contact Log. Easily enter, view, and modify volunteer records. Manage jobs and services data. Assign volunteers to jobs, services. Send email messages to all or selected volunteers. Print volunteer address labels, id cards, .. Print volunteer contact lists. View volunteer profiles (skills, preferences, experiance). Keep track of volunteer hours
Maintain and monitor volunteer contact log. Many flexible database processing features. Import data from text, excel, or other files. Search data by any field. Sort data by any field. User data fields .. and more
Volunteer Organizer Pro
Volunteer Organizer Pro
Version 2.9
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